Learn Dialogflow CX

This course will help you learn Dialogflow CX in depth. Unlike the online documentation, this course follows a systematic syllabus. If you learn the chapters in order, you should be able to design fairly complex Dialogflow CX bots without much difficulty.

Dialogflow Flowcharts

I have a chatbot on my website which asks people which tool they use to design their Dialogflow flowcharts. Most people reply β€œI don’t” πŸ™‚ My view is that you will be able to build your ES bot a lot more quickly if you use a flowcharting tool like Mindomo. Here is what a client…

Dialogflow CX Resources

This is a supplementary course for students of the Learn Dialogflow CX course. The course has answers to questions from students as well as some tutorials which supplement the course material.

Managing large Dialogflow ES Bots

This course explains how to build large Dialogflow ES bots. If you have more than 500 training phrases in your bot (excluding the ones which already come with the Default Welcome Intent), I would say your bot is a large one. In this course I will provide some tips on building and maintaining such bots.

Dialogflow CX Quickstart Templates

This course is based on the ES quickstart templates course. I explain how to build the same bots in CX. You will find that in most cases, building the bot in CX is not just easier, but the chatbot is also more resilient to user errors.

Dialogflow ES vs Dialogflow CX

The first part of this course provides an overview of ES vs CX. A simple way to compare the features of Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX is to build the same chatbot using both. In the second part of this course, I build a very simple decision tree chatbot in ES first, and then explain…

Dialogflow ES Quickstart Templates

This course provides you a list of quickstart templates for Dialogflow ES. These are small, self contained Dialogflow ES agents which are intended for a very specific task. My recommendation is to a) read the tutorial for each template b) try to implement it yourself inside your Dialogflow console c) if you get stuck, download…

Dialogflow ES Beginner Tutorial

In this mini-course, I will explain how to get started with Dialogflow ES. This guide will be especially useful for non-programmers since it does not require you to write any code. Also, this is a tutorial-by-example. You will download some example Dialogflow agents, and interact with them inside your Dialogflow account. This helps in two…

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial

Since Dialogflow CX uses a state machine based approach to building your chatbot, it actually helps to build an actual state machine – the vending machine – using CX as you get started learning the topic. Once you learn what a state machine is and how to build a simple one using CX, you will…