Dialogflow ES for Non-Programmers



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This course is useful for non-programmers who are trying to learn Dialogflow ES.

First, we discuss the reasons to choose Dialogflow as your chatbot framework.

The chapter “Intro to Dialogflow ES for Non Programmers” explains the basic building blocks of Dialogflow ES.

The chapter “Dissecting Dialogflow Intent Mapping” explains how intent mapping works.

The chapter “Conversation Design Considerations” discusses the other aspects of conversation design you should keep in mind when you are designing a Dialogflow ES bot.

The chapter “Dialogflow Blackholes” talks about stuff which can easily trip you up when you are creating multi-turn ES bots.

The chapter “Dialogflow Flowcharts” provides video demos explaining how to create flowcharts using Mindomo and translating them into an actual ES bot.

The chapter “Webhooks 101 for Non Programmers” provides an overview of webhooks, but without using any code. Learning a few of these things (what happens under the hood) will help you communicate your webhook requirements more easily to the programmers on your team.


As someone who has no background in computer science or coding, but is purely self-taught, I was needing an easy-to-understand course for learning Dialogflow. Aravind’s delivery and explanation of how to work with Dialogflow propelled my understanding and speeded up my learning curve

Marisa T

Using Aravind’s flowcharting approach you’ll be amazed at how quickly a functional prototype can be put together

Steven L

He has a habit of explaining both the hows and the whys of the process in a comprehensible manner which allows me to both quickly grasp and strategize bot creation far better than most other instructors. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to go from noob to expert in DialogFlow

Les H

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  • Last Update June 19, 2024