BotFlo is run by Aravind Mohanoor and provides training and software tools for Dialogflow users.

Why use BotFlo?

Online documentationBotFlo
AudienceGeared mainly towards programmersGeared towards non-programmers
InstructionProvides Codelabs which sometimes don’t help you understand fundamental conceptsBreaks down concepts into bite-sized chunks
FocusFocused on Google cloud productsFocused on products which help you get your work done
ToolingNo mention of tools in the online documentationProvides a lot of tools to help you speed up your bot development
Programming languageFocused on NodeJSFocused on Python.

In my opinion, this makes a pretty big difference since Python is now the defacto language of Natural Language Processing and you can improve your Dialogflow bots by learning about and using tools like spaCy.
Code samplesHard to modify, hard to get support, sometimes does not even workEasy to modify, offers support for code samples
ES to CX MigrationA bit over complicated in my opinionSystematic and much easier, especially if you follow the explicative approach while building your ES bot
spaCyNot used or mentionedLearning and using spaCy can help you build better Dialogflow bots and the BotFlo website can help with this

I most definitely would recommend, and have recommended, Aravind’s Dialogflow courses to others

I bought several courses to learn about Dialogflow ES. I see the courses as an investment in my learning, as such I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price.

As someone who has no background in computer science or coding, but is purely self-taught, I was needing an easy-to-understand course for learning Dialogflow. Aravind’s delivery and explanation of how to work with Dialogflow propelled my understanding and speeded up my learning curve.

What I appreciate the most about Aravind’s courses is how he organizes his lessons. He starts at the beginning and works his way through the lessons that follow a more logical and natural pattern of learning, in this case for beginners.

I like that Aravind includes in his lessons: 1. His personal recommendations for tools that he uses when working with the platform. 2. His insight as a computer scientist sharing tips on how to work more efficiently that saves time; and 3. How he breaks down each topic into bite-size lessons that don’t overwhelm a learner but clarifies the process more easily.

I most definitely would recommend, and have recommended, Aravind’s Dialogflow courses to others. His expertise, his in-depth coverage of how to create, navigate and execute Dialogflow for any project and all the little insights and tips, that only someone of Aravind’s caliber can share, make his courses a worthwhile investment.

Marisa T | Founder/CEO – Causalytics

About this website

I created this website to provide training and tools for non-programmers who are building Dialogflow chatbots.

I have now changed my focus to Vertex AI Search, which I think is a natural evolution from chatbots.


BotFlo was previously called MiningBusinessData. That is why you see that watermark in many of my previous videos.