Low Code Dialogflow bots

Do you describe yourself as “technical, but not a programmer?”

Are you tired of reading Dialogflow tutorials which assume that you have some background in coding and do not explain why the code is the way that it is?

You will find lots of resources on this website – tutorials, templates, training and tools – for learning and using Dialogflow effectively.

I learnt a lot from you in a short span of time, through the course.  Great job!  Had been rather frustrated with what is available out there.  And I don’t like to be guessing what the system is doing or not doing because of what I have done or not done.

– Philip T, review for Learn Dialogflow ES course bundle, April 2021

Thanks a lot for the advice (of buying and following your videos)! They helped a lot indeed. Everything is very clear when you explain, much clearer than the official documentation to be honest 🙂

– Neuraz T, review for Learn Dialogflow CX course, Aug 2021

Thank you for your investment in the DialogFlow community! Your site is helping many. I am a regular to your site. If I have a question, I will check your site first, then go to dialogflow docs. Thanks!

Charlie E, review for this website

About Aravind Mohanoor

I am a Dialogflow trainer and consultant who specializes in using spaCy to help bot makers build better Dialogflow chatbots.

There are 200+ articles on the topic of Dialogflow in this site.

Q & A

These are answers to questions sent in by students and BotFlo app users

The first thing you should do in Dialogflow

Go to your settings and enable StackDriver logging. I explain how and why in the video below.

Testimonials for my online courses

“Thanks for not making another Pizza Bot course and calling it a day”

(Before going through my paid courses)

I was about to dive into the other udemy content, and luckily came across your blog before doing so. You touch on a number of subjects I had interest in (like Sessions, API, and Blackholes) that the other courses did not advertise, and I really liked the structure of your content and the way you explained it in the “how to learn dialogflow in a week” post. So rather than starting off on the wrong foot and with a poor  foundation, I had to find your email and shoot you a message!

(After going through my courses)

I’ve been making my way through your training and it has been awesome, you’re a great at teaching my friend! Thanks for taking the time to share your in depth knowledge and experience, and not making another Pizza Bot course and calling it a day.  

Connor S
Co-Founder, Retail Mortgage Professional

Review for Core Dialogflow course bundle (now Learn Dialogflow ES)

“You’ll be amazed at how quickly a functional prototype can be put together”

Take the time to learn the workflow/concepts he presents in his flowcharting tutorial. (This workflow is far superior to the approach suggested in the official DialogFlow documentation.) Using Aravind’s flowcharting approach you’ll be amazed at how quickly a functional prototype can be put together.

Steven L

“..even I can learn how to design chatbot (no programming background)“

I was not so sure whether this course is helpful for me to design my chatbot for my students to practice their foreign language oral skills. Since I checked some dialogflow courses from udemy and Coursera, my negative feedback from students. Therefore I am scared to enroll any of them from their website.

I think Aravind really did a great job to introduce dialogflow to people like me, without programming background. He organizes his course in very clear manner since I have been a college professor for 20 years. It is very easy for me to recognize how great Aravind’s course is! Very use-friend and very easy to follow. He doesn’t have any strong accent when he gives the lectures. It is so easy for me to understand. Really appreciate it.

Features I liked about the course: As I mentioned above: 1) first organized 2) easy to follow; 3) good examples to do hands on practice; 4) clear explain.

Other benefits of this course: 1) I understand how to design intent, entitles; 2) I even created my own chatbot after watch Aravind’s videos; 3) I finally know how to use the function of context after completing this course.
Yes, I will strongly recommend this course because even I can learn how to design chatbot (no programming background) after studying Avarind’s course, you definitely can!

Ann Cai
Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

Review for Core Dialogflow course bundle (now Learn Dialogflow ES)

Aravind’s comments:

Ann and her team are building a really cool chatbot which helps people learn Chinese. You can follow their progress here.

“frankly they are the best resource I’ve found for .. Dialogflow Messenger”

Aarvind’s guides have been well received, and frankly they are the best resource I’ve found for learning how to work with Dialogflow Messenger.

Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart gave us everything we needed to build out the ChatBot conversation we needed for our informational ChatBots. Dialogflow Messenger console is a tremendous but we had difficulty finding the details for how to use it correctly and Aarvind provided us with everything we needed in the Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart.

If we had started with the course in the first place, we would have avoided burning up several days of fruitless research and efforts.The examples provided covered everything we needed, plus things we had not yet thought about.

For example the “start over” intent saves a lot of time trying to get the user back to the beginning of the conversation and makes a nice flow to continue once one point has been completed.

The time saved using the course to learn methods allowed us to go even further in our development to complete ChatBots that had our marketing team going “Wow!”

If you are serious about development with Dialogflow, this is definitely the place to begin. We were originally looking at third party solutions, Aarvind’s course enlightened us to be able to produce products that work entirely in Dialogflow Messenger without subscriptions to third party products to accomplish the same things.

Stephen M
Senior Application Developer, Sophia Solutions
Review for Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart

“It is far and away better than anything else I have used for dialogflow training”

I am going thru your course bundle. It is far and away better than anything else I have used for dialogflow training. This assessment comes from someone who taught at the University of Illinois for 30 years and started a online masters degree.

Kevin C

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Check out the Learn Dialogflow ES and Learn Dialogflow CX courses if you would like to learn Dialogflow in depth.
"The magic key I needed as a non-programmer"

The custom payload generator was the magic key I needed (as a non-programmer) to build a good demo with rich responses in DialogFlow Messenger. I've only used it for 30 minutes and am thrilled. I've spent hours trying to figure out some of the intricacies of DialogFlow on my own. Over and over, I kept coming back to Aravind's tutorials available on-line. I trust the other functionalities I learn to use in the app will save me additional time and heartburn.

- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth