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Course Overview

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Note: this course is still under development as of May 2024. Instead of purchasing a not-fully-completed course, you can get early access to the existing material by providing a testimonial for the Learn Dialogflow CX course.

This course builds on my Learn Dialogflow CX course.

So I recommend going through the Learn Dialogflow CX course first for two reasons:

  • I will often refer to concepts I have already covered in a lot of detail in the Learn Dialogflow CX course
  • You anyway need a good understanding of Dialogflow CX to be able to understand the Generative Agent feature

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • How to get this course for free (until 1st Nov 2023)

    • Generative Dialogflow CX vs GPT chatbot

    • Intent-based Generative Bots vs Open-ended Generative Bots

    • Getting started with Generative AI in Dialogflow CX

    • The biggest difference between GPT chatbots and Generative Dialogflow CX

  • Cognitive Training Chatbot
    • Can you recreate the SAGE or MMSE Dementia Test using a chatbot?

    • Advantages of cognitive training using a chatbot

    • Developing the cognitive training bot using Dialogflow ES

    • Developing the cognitive training bot using Dialogflow CX

    • Randomizing the question using Dialogflow CX

  • Improving the Cognitive Training Chatbot using Generative AI
    • 3 ways Dialogflow CX is better than ES for building a cognitive training bot

    • Using generative prompts for creating dynamic questions

    • Why the Cognitive Training Bot is a good case study for generative AI features

    • Randomizing text-bison responses using temperature, top-P and top-K

  • Prompt Engineering 101 for Non-Programmers
    • Why Dialogflow CX is a good learning tool for "No Code" Prompt Engineering

    • Why I use the cognitive training chatbot as a case study

    • How does a large language model work?

    • Three "knobs" for tuning the text-bison model - temperature, top-P and top-K

    • Three ways Dialogflow CX helps engineer prompts

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  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 27, 2024