Intro to Zoho SalesIQ



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This course covers the basics of Zoho SalesIQ v2 and explains why it is probably the best way to add a Dialogflow chatbot to your website.

Course Content

  • Academy Topics
    • Why I chose Zoho SalesIQ over Dialogflow Messenger for my website bot

    • How to integrate Dialogflow ES with Zoho SalesIQ v2

    • How to add Zoho SalesIQ to your WordPress website

    • A tip for building complex flows in Zoho SalesIQ code less bot builder

    • Dialogflow CX vs Zoho SalesIQ codeless bot builder

    • The best AI powered website chatbot for non-programmers

    • The 7 types of Zoho SalesIQ chatbots (and when to use them)

    • Zoho SalesIQ 2.0 Answer Bot tutorial

    • Zoho SalesIQ 2.0 Codeless Zobot vs Answer Bot

    • Will Zia Skills grow as strong as Dialogflow?

    • Website chatbot using Dialogflow CX custom integration

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  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 27, 2024