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Course Overview

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This is a set of tools which makes it easier to build and maintain FAQ bots.


Pricing and Refunds

  • There is no auto-renewal. This is a one time purchase.
  • You will get lifetime access to all the tools in this Toolset once you complete the purchase
  • If the tool does not work as expected, please report it within 1 week. If it is a minor bug, I can usually fix it within a business day. If I cannot fix the bug, I will refund your payment in full
  • If you provide a testimonial for this Toolset within 7 days of purchase, I will give you a coupon worth $50 that you can use towards purchasing ANY course or Toolset on this website

Course Content

  • Academy Topics
    • 2 Column FAQ Bot Generator

    • 4 Column FAQ Bot Generator Demo

    • 4 Column FAQ Bot Generator

    • 10 Column FAQ Bot Generator Demo

    • 10 Column FAQ Bot Generator

  • Lessons 5
  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 27, 2024