What is the “Tag” field in a Dialogflow CX webhook?

I got this question from a student I want to create a wehbook for my bot. I followed your instructions from https://botflo.com/how-to-debug-dialogflow-python-webhook-using-ngrok/ and completed all of the stages.However, step 14 differs from the tutorial. I have a “Tag” to fill and I’m not sure what to place in there. The “Tag” field is similar to the Action…

How to bulk upload intents from a CSV file in Dialogflow

How to bulk upload intents from a CSV file in Dialogflow

If you are creating a large FAQ chatbot in Dialogflow, typing out all the intents one by one can be a slow and painful process. You can use my tool to speed up the process. How to use this tool Choose your bot’s language Chinese – Cantonese (zh-HK)Chinese – Simplified (zh-CN)Chinese – Traditional (zh-TW)Danish (da)Dutch…

How I used GPT4 to improve my online course

I used GPT4 to format the transcripts of my YouTube course, and I am very impressed with the results. Click here to see an example of GPT4 formatted YouTube transcripts YouTube autogenerates transcripts for all the videos that you upload, and their accuracy is actually pretty good. There are two problems with YouTube autogenerated transcripts….