Export large Dialogflow ES FAQ bot to Dialogflow CX

I got this question from a BotFlo app user.

There is a CSV to agent ZIP file converter in the BotFlo app, and this question relates to that tool:

Could one export from ES to CX specifying the route group as the destination in CX.

Unlike Dialogflow ES which provides an agent ZIP file with a published format, CX uses some kind of blob file whose internal format has not been published.

So if you want to do a bulk upload intents in Dialogflow CX, it is only possible using the REST API.

This brings us to the question of whether another column can be added to the existing CSV format to specify the route group. Once the route group is created like this, you can then manually add it into the appropriate Page/Flow in your CX bot.

I have a few thoughts on this.

First, if you are creating a large FAQ bot which is not designed to answer follow up questions, you are usually better off using Dialogflow ES. This conversion process ends up creating a bot which costs more to maintain without necessarily providing a lot of benefit in terms of features.

Second, this approach of using the REST API to bulk upload intents into Route Groups, and then manually adding the Route Group into your Page/Flow is better than automating the entire bot creation. This approach forces you to understand the conversation state machine.

Third, if you have ALREADY created a large FAQ bot in ES and you have run into some limitations, or you prefer CX, I do think this approach makes sense.

Do you have something like that which could be used until you develop the other solution?

I have not built a tool which does this yet, but I am working on one and I expect to release it in a few weeks.

If you would like to build your own tool, you can check out the Dialogflow REST API course which explains the basic REST API concepts you need to understand to build your own REST API based tools.

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