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Website Name Change

I have changed the name of this website from Mining Business Data to BotFlo. I am offering a 60% off discount on both my Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX courses till April 20th 2021 for people who can help me spread the word about my new website.

I have created a course on Dialogflow’s REST API v2. In my view, this course will teach you pretty much everything you need to know to work with Dialogflow REST API v2.

You can check it out here.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • different types of OAuth2 authentication
  • how the three legged auth flow works
  • how the service account flow works (this is what we use for Dialogflow)
  • why use client libraries
  • OAuth2 playground basics
  • REST API v2 URL structure
  • Google IAM primer
  • Using Postman for exploring Dialogflow and other Google APIs
  • Why you need to learn about Dialogflow middleware
  • v1 to v2 Migration tips for different types of Dialogflow apps

Total video duration: ~2 hours

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  1. Hi,
    I made a JavaScript browser apps with Vue.js + Firease(Hosting) + Dialogflow API v1.
    But google does not provide javascript SDK for v2, it’s very troubled.

    Can your “Dialogflow REST API v2 course” solve this?
    (Is there concrete source code provided?)

    And this video has subtitles?
    Im sorry my English is not good..

    1. No, my course doesn’t provide source code. In fact, like I mention in the course description page, the whole point of the course is to be programming language agnostic so anyone can use it.

      Also I hope you took a look at this article:

      You cannot do it without implementing some kind of server side middleware.

      I am working on adding subtitles to my courses, but it might be a few months.

        1. In theory, you can use Firebase cloud functions to talk to the Dialogflow REST API, and then use it to relay user’s message from your JS app.