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Check out my courses Learn Dialogflow ES and Learn Dialogflow CX if you would like to learn Dialogflow in depth. 

Given that Dialogflow is supposed to be a low code tool, you might have wondered why a lot of online tutorials are not very friendly for non-coders.

If you would like to learn Dialogflow ES without jumping into the code first, my “Learn Dialogflow ES” course bundle can help.

In fact, there is a lot of material you will be able to learn without actually having to write a single line of code.

Here is what one of my students said:

I was not so sure whether this course is helpful for me to design my chatbot for my students to practice their foreign language oral skills. Since I checked some dialogflow courses from udemy and Coursera, my negative feedback from students. Therefore I am scared to enroll any of them from their website.

I think Aravind really did a great job to introduce dialogflow to people like me, without programming background. He organizes his course in very clear manner since I have been a college professor for 20 years. It is very easy for me to recognize how great Aravind’s course is! Very use-friend and very easy to follow. He doesn’t have any strong accent when he gives the lectures. It is so easy for me to understand. Really appreciate it.

Features I liked about the course: As I mentioned above: 1) first organized 2) easy to follow; 3) good examples to do hands on practice; 4) clear explain.

Other benefits of this course: 1) I understand how to design intent, entitles; 2) I even created my own chatbot after watch Aravind’s videos; 3) I finally know how to use the function of context after completing this course.

Yes, I will strongly recommend this course because even I can learn how to design chatbot (no programming background) after studying Avarind’s course, you definitely can!

Ann Cai
Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University


Here is my suggested order for going through the courses in the bundle.

1 Dialogflow Building Blocks

This course teaches the basic building blocks of Dialogflow ES – intents, entities and contexts. It also provides a very basic introduction to webhooks.

This course provides a great insight for non-programmers. Its easy to follow and allows a non-programmer to understand how Dialogflow can be used. It was easy to follow and work through on my own.


2 Dialogflow Conversation Design

This course explains what happens when an intent is mapped in Dialogflow ES. This knowledge will help you design your conversations in a more systematic way.

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in Conversation Design. It is easy to understand, Aravind does a great job in explaining best practices and tips to make human-centred conversations through Dialogflow. Will recommend to my friends and colleagues.


3 Dialogflow Flowcharts

In this course, I explain a very specific flowcharting process using a mind-mapping tool called Mindomo.

The major benefit of this process is that you can do “conversation driven Dialogflow bot development”

a) write out the conversations in a flowchart

b) add branches as necessary

c) add input and output contexts to the flowchart to model the behavior in Dialogflow

d) translate the flowchart into Dialogflow intents

Take the time to learn the workflow/concepts he presents in his flowcharting tutorial. (This workflow is far superior to the approach suggested in the official DialogFlow documentation.) Using Aravind’s flowcharting approach you’ll be amazed at how quickly a functional prototype can be put together.

Steven L

4 Dialogflow Sessions

Now we move on to more advanced stuff.

You have to understand how Dialogflow sessions work if at all you want to really build multi-turn conversations in Dialogflow. And in this course, I provide a hands-on example and show what goes on behind the scenes. Once you go through this course, it will also be easier for you to follow the REST API v2 course.

(the course) solidified my new understanding of sessions such that I have a firm grasp of how they relate to contexts and the separation of unique conversations occurring from unrelated users. Aravind patiently explains things in real time by showing what is happening under the hood in DialogFlow in a way that reinforces information gained from his other courses. He explains how to avoid common pitfalls that even experienced coders fall prey to.

Les Henderson

5 Training, integrations and Dialogflow Messenger

After you go through the Dialogflow Sessions course, I suggest going through the following. All these are mini-courses and you should be able to go through them fairly quickly.

Understanding Dialogflow Training

This course teaches the very basics of Dialogflow training, specifically with reference to what it means to autogenerate a Dialogflow FAQ bot. While you can do many things to speed up the creation of Dialogflow FAQ bot (for e.g. use a tool which converts a spreadsheet full of intent definitions into a Dialogflow agent ZIP file), autogenerating an FAQ bot from say your chat logs is a multi step process and cannot really be automated.

In this course, I go over this multi-step process and also explain why these steps are hard to automate.

Dialogflow Integrations 101

While Dialogflow provides the AI required to power chatbots, you also need to have a user interface for your chatbot such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Assistant etc. These are called “integrations” – and Dialogflow ES provides many such integrations out of the box.

This course explains what goes on under the hood when you are using these integrations. This information will be useful for you if you decide to build your own integration. (The built-in integrations are not as powerful as the ones you can build yourself).

Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart

The Dialogflow Messenger is an integration which allows you to add a chatbot to your website. This mini-course explains the basics of how the Dialogflow Messenger works.

Aarvind’s guides have been well received, and frankly they are the best resource I’ve found for learning how to work with Dialogflow Messenger.

Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart gave us everything we needed to build out the ChatBot conversation we needed for our informational ChatBots. Dialogflow Messenger console is a tremendous but we had difficulty finding the details for how to use it correctly and Aarvind provided us with everything we needed in the Dialogflow Messenger Quickstart.

If we had started with the course in the first place, we would have avoided burning up several days of fruitless research and efforts.The examples provided covered everything we needed, plus things we had not yet thought about.

For example the “start over” intent saves a lot of time trying to get the user back to the beginning of the conversation and makes a nice flow to continue once one point has been completed.

The time saved using the course to learn methods allowed us to go even further in our development to complete ChatBots that had our marketing team going “Wow!”

If you are serious about development with Dialogflow, this is definitely the place to begin. We were originally looking at third party solutions, Aarvind’s course enlightened us to be able to produce products that work entirely in Dialogflow Messenger without subscriptions to third party products to accomplish the same things.

Stephen M

Unlike the courses we have seen till now, the next two courses require you to write some code. Having said that, you can see from the testimonials that it is still quite approachable for non-programmers who are technical.

6 Dialogflow Webhooks

You need to use webhooks to add business logic to your Dialogflow chatbot. In the first part of the Dialogflow webhooks course, I actually teach you what is happening under the hood, but without writing any code at all. This means even if you don’t want to learn how the code works, you can still see how the messages are sent back and forth in webhooks.

Then I also take some examples and show how to build webhooks for those examples. The main programming language I have used is PHP, but there are also Python and NodeJS code samples for the same material.

The video was just what I needed to understand how to take control with webhook responses regarding input and output contexts. I did not understand the concepts before carefully watching this tutorial and what can I say – the lights came on. Well described and now I can implement this feature.


7 Dialogflow REST API v2

The REST API course provides very few code samples. Instead, I explain how the REST API actually works. This means you can use it with any programming language of your choice.

Not only that, I also cover a lot of ground which explains how Google APIs work, in general. You can use this information and also apply it to other Google APIs.

The course is targeting programmers, but as a non programmer who works with programmers this course is perfect… it provides an overview, well explained concepts and frameworks, and not too technical to follow. As with all other courses on MBD, I find it easy to follow and understand.


The BotFlo app gives you many tools which can speed up your Dialogflow bot development

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"The magic key I needed as a non-programmer"

The custom payload generator was the magic key I needed (as a non-programmer) to build a good demo with rich responses in DialogFlow Messenger. I've only used it for 30 minutes and am thrilled. I've spent hours trying to figure out some of the intricacies of DialogFlow on my own. Over and over, I kept coming back to Aravind's tutorials available on-line. I trust the other functionalities I learn to use in the app will save me additional time and heartburn.

- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth
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