How to quickly find the differences between two Dialogflow agent ZIP files

I have built a tool to help you do this.


Go to the Unpack agent ZIP file tool in BotFlo (you must be logged in to use the tool).

Suppose you want to find the difference between an older version of your Dialogflow agent and the current version.

First browse and load the older Dialogflow agent ZIP file. Let us call this file v1.zip.

Click on the “Copy JSON to Clipboard” button to copy this JSON into your computer’s clipboard.

Go to the ExtendsClass JSON Diff tool.

Paste the JSON for v1 into the left pane.

Now back in the Version Diff tool, upload the second agent ZIP file. Let us call it v2.zip.

Once again, copy the JSON into your clipboard and paste it into the right pane of the JSON Diff tool.

As soon as you paste your JSON into the second textbox, you will see the output below (which shows the difference).

Here is an example with the JSON above.

If you only have a few changes, you should be able to use this tool and quickly spot what’s changed.