How to add a user or invite a developer in Dialogflow (API.AI)

Today on the Dialogflow forum I answered this very question.

Here is the answer, in one screenshot:

Share feature

Interestingly, the Share feature has been around for nearly 4 months. I wrote about it when it was released.

Funnily enough, when thinking of the title back then, I actually used the suggestions at the bottom of the Google search results to choose a title 🙂 But looking back, I could have just used a more conversational title.

In case it doesn’t work

One of the annoying things about this feature is that it doesn’t actually send an email notification to the person you just added (???).

You need to send them an email to tell them you have added them. When they log in, they will be able to see your bot inside their Dialogflow console.

Occasionally this seems to not work. It happened for me with a client recently. The following steps seem to fix the problem:

  1. Log out of your account (the account of the person who is granting the permission)
  2. Log back in
  3. Click on the Save button at the top of the Share tab

About this website

BotFlo1 was created by Aravind Mohanoor as a website which provided training and tools for non-programmers who were2 building Dialogflow chatbots.

This website has now expanded into other topics in Natural Language Processing, including the recent Large Language Models (GPT etc.) with a special focus on helping non-programmers identify and use the right tool for their specific NLP task.

1 BotFlo was previously called MiningBusinessData. That is why you see that name in many videos

2 And still are building Dialogflow chatbots. Dialogflow ES first evolved into Dialogflow CX, and Dialogflow CX itself evolved to add Generative AI features in mid-2023