In my view, the quickest way for non-programmers to build a Dialogflow ES or Dialogflow CX bot would be the All Access Pass.

The All Access Pass will speed up your bot development quite a bit because you also get access to the tools and courses. This means we can make a lot more progress during the call.

Please note: I don't offer freelance/contract programming services at the moment. My services are best suited for people who already have programmers on their team. 

What is included in the All Access Pass?

The All Access pass gives you access to the following

1) Dialogflow Toolkit (a lifetime bundle of ALL my Dialogflow courses, including ones which I will release in the future) (worth $299)

2) 1 Year Access to all the BotFlo App Toolsets:

FAQ Toolset (worth $99)

Accuracy Toolset (worth $99)

Dialogflow Messenger Toolset (worth $99)

See the list of BotFlo apps

3) Three 60 minute 1-on-1 video consultations (worth $300)

Please note: all 3 video consultations must be utilized within 1 year of purchase.

Price of All Access Pass: $499 (a savings of $397)

While you are welcome to use the 3 consultations based on what suits your bot, here is my recommendation

1 Design and Build

Use the first 60 minute consultation to discuss the design of your bot’s intents.

What is the source of your bot intents? How to extract the intents from your source quickly? Can you automate the process?

Can you do something to create accurate intents even at the start?

How to design your intents so that Dialogflow doesn’t get confused?

When to use entities, and when not to use them?

How to design your bot so that you balance ease of development and ease of maintenance?

I can also give you suggestions for tools that you can use to speed up your bot building process.

Most people are surprised when they find out that Dialogflow allows you to create tools which can speed up your bot development workflow using either the agent ZIP file or the REST API.


If you use Mindomo and design your bot flowchart before the 1st call (please send me a copy of the Mindomo map a day before the call), I can help you build a large portion of your bot during the first consultation itself.

2 Debug and Fix Issues

As people start interacting with your bot, you will notice that despite your best efforts, sometimes your bot makes a mistake and maps the wrong intent.

In the second call, we can discuss how to fix issues you are facing in your bot.

3 Measure and Improve Bot Accuracy

I suggest that the third call be used as a “buffer” which is used after your bot has been deployed for a while and many people have already conversed with your bot. At that stage, you can calculate the accuracy of your bot and also think of ways to improve the accuracy.

During the third call, I will explain how you can measure the accuracy of your bot and also explain how the tools I have built can help you speed up the process.

If you are interested, please let me know what kind of bot you are building by filling out the form below and I will send you a PayPal link to purchase the All Access Pass. Once you complete the purchase, I will send you further instructions for getting access to the individual products and services.