The best CRM for a SaaS MVP

If you describe yourself as an indie hacker building the MVP of your SaaS, then the best CRM for your product is not a CRM. This article also applies to folks who are independent technical consultants who are looking for a CRM. By changing the question from “I am looking for a CRM” to “I…

Website Bots

How to use Dialogflow Messenger user-id

The user-id is one of the attributes you can use in Dialogflow Messenger HTML customization. In this tutorial, I will explain how it works. Suppose you want to associate a logged in user for your web app with a user ID, so that you can (for example) get details about their account. First, add the…

Website Bots

Tips for building Website Chatbots

While it is clear that live chat is a very useful tool for websites, it is a little harder to make the same claim for website chatbots. But you can follow a bunch of tips to help increase the visitor engagement with your bot. Some of these, of course, may be counter to what you…

SalesIQ | Zoho

How to integrate Dialogflow ES with Zoho SalesIQ v2

In this article, I explain how you can integrate Dialogflow ES with Zoho SalesIQ v2. The process is quick and easy. However, you first need a working Dialogflow ES bot, one which actually has some Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. So let us use the Prebuilt Smalltalk agent. Import Prebuilt Smalltalk agent First, click on…


What is Zoho One? (Part 2)

If you are a freelancer, consultant, indiehacker or solopreneur of any type, this article will tell you what you can do with Zoho One. Unlike most of the answers you find on the internet, this will actually get into the nitty-gritty stuff of how you can use specific apps to organize and run your business….