02 Dialogflow CX Messenger vs Legacy Dialogflow ES Messenger

Dialogflow ES vs Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow has recently released a new version of the Dialogflow Messenger integration which allows you to add a CX chatbot to your website. I will call this Dialogflow CX Messenger, while I will refer to the previous version as Dialogflow ES Messenger.

Note: these are both terms that I have come up with to distinguish between the two. I don't think the Dialogflow team uses the same terminology. 

I explain the differences between Dialogflow CX Messenger and the Legacy Dialogflow ES Messenger here.

FeatureLegacy Dialogflow ES MessengerDialogflow CX MessengerZoho SalesIQ built-in integration with ESZoho SalesIQ custom integration for CX using webhooks
DemoDialogflow ES Messenger Rich Responses DemoBot to help choose between ES, CX and GPT APISmalltalk DemoGet tips for building Dialogflow bots
CostAlmost free because of very generous free tier in Dialogflow ESCX pricingAlmost free due to very generous free tier in Dialogflow ESCX + Zoho SalesIQ pricing
Support for Markdown in text responses
Maintain conversation history when you navigate multiple pages
Handoff to live agent
Automatically end conversation after specified time
Automatic email notification when chat completes
Customization of look-and-feelLimitedMany more options, but you need some help from your web designerEasy for non-programmersEasy for non-programmers
Support for rich responsesGood, much better than the Web DemoBetter than Legacy Dialogflow ES MessengerSupports some rich responses not available in Dialogflow MessengerSupports for rich responses not available in Dialogflow Messenger

About this website

I created this website to provide training and tools for non-programmers who are building Dialogflow chatbots.

I have now changed my focus to Vertex AI Search, which I think is a natural evolution from chatbots.


BotFlo was previously called MiningBusinessData. That is why you see that watermark in many of my previous videos.

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