How to pay for my courses

Due to VAT tax requirements, I have decided to use Gumroad to get payment for my courses.

How it works

You will choose the appropriate Gumroad product based on the price of the course. If you have any doubts about which Gumroad product to buy, use the Live Chat feature at the bottom of this page. If I am not online, leave a message and I will reply to your email.

You can also get a 20% coupon when you use the Live Chat

After you purchase, you will get a purchase confirmation email from Gumroad.

Reply back to the email and I will enroll you into the course manually.

This will take a business day.

If you use the live chat, I can get your course enrollment set up in real time once you complete the payment. If you have any questions before purchasing the course, you can also ask me during the live chat.