Dialogflow vs ChatGPT

I have seen many people ask if ChatGPT makes Dialogflow irrelevant (or something to that effect).

But they are not just very different tools, they also target different audiences in my opinion.

Here is a comparison:

DialogflowChatGPT (OpenAI API)
Can only answer questions defined in your intentsCan answer nearly any question
Need to provide a lot of training phrasesFairly good question answering ability out of the box, but may not be best suited for your business domain
Will not hallucinate in its response (Generative Dialogflow CX is an exception)Sometimes does hallucinate in its response
Easier to measure accuracyHarder to measure accuracy
Easier to improve accuracyQuite hard to improve accuracy
Easier to use for non-programmersMuch harder for non-programmers to use

Some additional notes:

For generative tasks, Generative Dialogflow CX is decent but not as good as OpenAI API.

Non-programmers can train Generative Dialogflow CX to perform information extraction. This is not easy to do using ChatGPT API.

To summarize:

ChatGPT is much more powerful than Generative Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow CX offers a good tradeoff between ease of use and power.

In some scenarios, Dialogflow ES is sufficient (and nearly free since it has a very generous free tier)

About this website

I created this website to provide training and tools for non-programmers who are building Dialogflow chatbots.

I have now changed my focus to Vertex AI Search, which I think is a natural evolution from chatbots.


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