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Zoho SalesIQ 2.0 Codeless Zobot vs Answer Bot

Recently, Zoho completely revamped their SalesIQ live chat platform. While a lot of the functionality from v1 is still there (although with a different UI), there are also two major additions in SalesIQ 2.0.

Zoho has added a codeless bot builder which allows people to easily build “scripted” bots. These are also called as click-bots and dumb-bots where the user

a) either clicks on a button or selects from a list item etc., i.e. they don’t provide text input

b) or they do input some text, but the bot doesn’t use any NLU to try and understand what the user said. For example, it simply collects the email address to store in the CRM.

On the other side of the NLU spectrum, you have the Zoho AnswerBot. You will in fact find that it isn’t even included under Zobot and gets its own link in the menu, for good reason.

The user interface for building an Answer Bot is completely different from that of the Code Less Zobot. This is because the Answer Bot utilizes NLU to do its work.

For example, you need to add your own FAQ questions, as well as other kinds of resources (Articles, Business Terms, SmallTalk) for the bot to work well. Like the typical NLU based bot, the more resources you provide, the easier it is to train the bot and get it to answer user questions.

I will be creating tutorials specific to these two builders in the future, but at first glance I think that you shouldn’t combine the AnswerBot and the Codeless Zobot. That will probably lead to unpredictable results.

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