Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial 4/14: Terminology

Course outline


All right so as we get started I would like to point out a tutorial or an article that I have on my site which is talking about tips for learning Dialogflow CX.

And if you go down the tutorial you’ll find something interesting I ask that you ignore all the complex terminology when you begin learning dialogue for CX.

And an example of the complex terminology would be things like scope.

And state handlers.

And things.

And I want you to remember this as I go through the next set of videos because I will be walking you through a set of steps.

And I will not be explaining everything that you see on the screen.

And it’s quite intentional because there’s a lot of stuff which you might see in a screen full of – you know – the video that you see which is not relevant at that point as you are trying to learn how Dialogflow CX works.

So I just wanted to [m1] point this out because that will prepare you for what the next set of videos which are going to come