Better Dialogflow ES Bots 1/10: A puzzle

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A systematic approach to building and analyzing your Dialogflow bot’s behavior will go a long way towards helping you develop better Dialogflow bots.

In this course, I introduce the CTFS framework which will be very useful for analyzing your Dialogflow bot’s behavior.

If you have used contexts in your Dialogflow agent, and have ever wondered why a completely different intent (than what you expected) matched the user query, you should go through this video series.

Can you explain why this happens?

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"The magic key I needed as a non-programmer"

The custom payload generator was the magic key I needed (as a non-programmer) to build a good demo with rich responses in DialogFlow Messenger. I've only used it for 30 minutes and am thrilled. I've spent hours trying to figure out some of the intricacies of DialogFlow on my own. Over and over, I kept coming back to Aravind's tutorials available on-line. I trust the other functionalities I learn to use in the app will save me additional time and heartburn.

- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth