What happened to the old articles?

In September 2021, I deleted a whole bunch of articles from my website.

Here is a gist of what changed:

Courses which were moved

I installed the LearnDash LMS plugin on my site about a year back, but I couldn’t get the payments system to work. If I could have gotten it to work, I was planning to move a bunch of courses from my online course platform. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as expected and I had to uninstall the plugin.

When I uninstalled the plugin, I tried to revert everything back to the old state. But the problem is that I couldn’t really revert everything back to the previous state, for reasons which are a little complicated to explain (technical stuff).

But I didn’t delete everything.

Some LearnDash courses were moved to single page articles.

Step by Step Dialogflow ES

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial

Convert Mindomo flowchart to Dialogflow bot

Intro to NLU for non-programmers

Deleted: Website Chatbots

A big chunk of stuff which got permanently deleted was all the stuff I wrote about website chatbots. The reason is very simple – most of this stuff was written a long time back (some as far back as early 2018) and a lot of stuff has changed.

For example, Dialogflow introduced the Dialogflow Messenger integration in ~ April 2020. And then Zoho introduced v2 of their SalesIQ platform in ~ May 2021. Between them, this is pretty much all you need right now to add a Dialogflow chatbot to your website.

Deleted: Reader Questions

I also had a list of articles which were mostly answers to reader questions. Unfortunately, most of these articles had simply become irrelevant or incorrect, and even though some of them were still correct and relevant, it became quite a lot of work to sift through this stuff and update them.

So I just took PDF copies of all the articles and added them to my paid course here. If you need to look into it for some kind of archival reason, you are welcome to purchase the course. But I will add the disclaimer that I don’t know how much of those articles are actually still valid. 🙂

Redirects from old website

Earlier, this website used to be called Mining Business Data. As part of the recent update, I unfortunately made another not-very-intentional change: I sort of broke my old redirects also!

So I had to install a different redirect manager plugin and redirect the bad redirects! 🙂 Confused yet? Unfortunately, so am I, but I just wanted to add this information because you might notice that there are quite a lot of articles hitting the “Page Not Found” error at the moment.