Dialogflow ES vs Dialogflow CX

A simple way to compare the features of Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX is to build the same chatbot using both.

In this course, I build a very simple decision tree chatbot in ES first, and then explain how to build it in CX. While this covers only the basics of ES and CX, it is a very good way to think about the state machine in CX and compare it with the implicit state machine in ES.

If you would like to watch this in course format and keep track of your progress, you can enroll in this free course.

What we are building
Conversation Outline
Initial flowchart
Mindomo flowchart conventions
Translate the flowchart into Dialogflow Intents
  Using the BotFlo app to speed up rich response construction
Generating rich response for information card
Implementing Start Over
Dialogflow CX – Initial routes
Why a flowchart helps even for Dialogflow CX
Complete and test the bot in the simulator
Connect CX bot with Dialogflow Messenger
A summary of what we learnt
The shape of a chatbot