BotFlo vs Hiring a Developer

The BotFlo app helps you speed up the Dialogflow bot development process.

More importantly, developing the same thing in house is almost certainly going to cost you 5-10X the amount you pay for the app.

Let us take the example of the FAQ bot generator, which allows you to type out all the intent training phrases into a CSV file and then convert it into a Dialogflow agent in a single click.

The more training phrases you have in your intent, the more accurate the intent mapping. Dialogflow team recommends 10-15 phrases per intent.

If you ask a developer to create this tool, they need to

a) understand dialogflow intents, entities, contexts so they know what can and cannot be implemented into the app

b) should understand how the agent ZIP file works

c) should understand the pros and cons (yes, there are some) of using this approach

d) iterate over their development for a while before they can make it work for your use case

Instead of getting a developer to build this, you can just subscribe to the BotFlo app and get going right away. In addition to helping you build your bot very quickly, it will also be much more easier to iterate quickly based on user feedback.