When to use the 4 Column CSV format

You can use the 4 column CSV format when you want to add multiple training phrases and multiple responses per intent.

Column description

IntentID – group all information associated with a given intent using this IntentID

  • must be an integer
  • every row in the CSV file must have an IntentID
  • use a new IntentID for each new intent
  • the IntentIDs don’t have to be in order, although keeping them in order will make it easier for you to read the file

IntentName – this will be used as the name of the intent. Add this to the row where you begin a new IntentID.

Query – each row corresponding to a given IntentID will be added as a training phrase into the same intent

Response – this will be added into the Response field. If you have multiple rows per intent, remember that Dialogflow will randomly choose ONE of these responses. If you want to instead display multiple responses per intent, you should add them to the Response2 row in the 10 column CSV format.