Custom Payload Generator for Dialogflow Messenger List

Tip: You can click on the “How to use this tool” button on the tool to see these tooltips.

This tool allows you to generate custom payloads for Dialogflow Messenger List response type

Select the language of your bot

Check the checkbox to indicate that a given item must be included in the list

Edit the list item’s title by clicking into it and typing over it

Edit the list item’s subtitle by clicking into it and typing over it

Make sure you add a name for the event (every list item needs a corresponding Event name in Dialogflow)

Repeat these steps for the next list item and so on..

As you make your changes, your inputs will update the custom payload in real time

After you make your changes, click on the Preview button

You will be able to see what it looks like inside the chat widget

When you are satisfied with the preview, you can click on the “Copy JSON to Clipboard” button to copy the custom payload JSON and paste it into the Custom Payload section inside your Dialogflow intent.