Custom Payload Generator for Dialogflow Messenger Hyperlink

Tip: You can click on the “How to use this tool” button on the tool to see these tooltips.

This tool allows you to generate custom payload for Dialogflow Messenger buttons (clickable hyperlinks)

Choose one of the Google Material Icons from the Icon Type textbox.

Once you click into it, you will be able to search for the icon by name. You can see the results when I search for “link” below.

Select the icon color

In the Button text textbox, type the anchor text

In the URL field, type the URL that the link should point to

Your inputs will update the custom payload as you make your changes

Once you add all the information, click on the Preview button

You can see a preview of the custom payload JSON in the chat widget on the bottom right of the page

When you are satisfied with the preview, click on the “Copy JSON to Clipboard” button to copy the custom payload to the custom payload section of the Dialogflow intent