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Three ways to add a pure FAQ chatbot to your website

In this article, I will show you three ways you can add a pure FAQ chatbot to your website. I am not claiming these are the only 3 ways, but rather they are 3 of the more practical and inexpensive options.

What is a pure FAQ chatbot?

A pure FAQ chatbot is one which does not answer follow up questions. It can answer multiple questions in the same conversation, but the second question isn’t dependent on the first.

Here is an example of a follow up question:

User: Do you have any courses on Dialogflow CX?

Bot: Yes, check out the Learn Dialogflow CX course

User: Does it cover state handlers?

When the user asks “Does IT cover state handlers?”, the IT refers to the course mentioned in the previous answer. So it is technically dependent on the previous answer and is thus a follow up question.

(Note: the bot could answer the follow up questions if it maintained information about the course in its context).

So let us look at the three ways to add a pure FAQ chatbot to your website.

1 Dialogflow ES using Knowledge Base

You can use the knowledge base feature in Dialogflow ES to add a pure FAQ chatbot to your website. I don’t really recommend the knowledge base feature though.

The other option is to simply type out all the questions into a spreadsheet and use my BotFlo app to convert the spreadsheet into a Dialogflow ES agent with the click of a button.

2 Dialogflow CX

While you can use Dialogflow CX to create an FAQ chatbot, it is probably not the best use case for CX. CX is ideally suited for bots where you actually expect follow up intents. This is because Dialogflow CX uses state machines as the main paradigm, which means it is quite literally designed to facilitate follow up conversations. So it would be a bit of an overkill to use it for pure FAQ chatbots.

3 Zoho SalesIQ Answer Bot

I think Zoho’s Answer Bot is also a very good choice for pure FAQ chatbots.

And this is even more true if you are an existing Zoho One customer.

Here are some reasons:

The Answer Bot can be configured to suggest related articles with the click of a button (this is unfortunately quite hard to do in Dialogflow as well as other bot frameworks)

You can use your Zoho Desk knowledge base articles as Answer Bot articles. In other words, if you have already invested a significant amount of time creating an actual knowledge base, turning it into an FAQ bot is quite easy with the Answer Bot. In contrast, this is not a very well solved problem in bot frameworks like Dialogflow

The Answer bot allows the user to easily connect to a live support person, which can be very helpful if the user cannot find the answer they are looking for

One big limitation with the Answer Bot – it is not as extensible as a bot framework. I don’t think this problem can be easily fixed, since the Answer Bot has been designed as a “solution” and not really as an API (at least till now).

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