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Three tips to simplify Dialogflow ES to Dialogflow CX migrations

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This is the fourth part in the series on migrating your Dialogflow ES bot to Dialogflow CX.

In this article, I will provide you with three tips for building your ES bot which can really simplify your future ES to CX migration.

Design a flowchart for your ES bot

I recommend using a mindmapping tool like Mindomo to design your Dialogflow flowchart instead of LucidChart or Visio. I explain why here.

The most important reason why you want to create a flowchart for your ES bot is that designing the flowchart forces you to think about the state machine. As you probably know, the biggest improvement in Dialogflow CX is that it uses a state machine as the primitive.

Use the explicative approach when building your ES bot

A while back, I noticed that my clients who were avoiding the fancy features in Dialogflow ES (especially slot filling) were able to create much better conversational flows.

I called it the explicative approach to building your ES bot.

As it turns out, if you do use the approach, you will be creating a more maintainable and more testable ES bot.

In turn, building a more maintainable and more testable ES bot will usually mean you will be able to migrate it to CX very easily.

Use a systematic approach for adding training phrases

In my Improving Dialogflow ES accuracy course, I provide a framework where you can use a systematic approach to adding training phrases into your ES intents. It might seem a little too rigorous, but it will help if you are eventually planning to migrate your ES bot to CX.

This systematic approach provides many benefits.

It forces you to think about the tradeoffs when you want to maximize intra-intent variation and minimize inter-intent variation (this is something Google recommends)

It makes sure you don’t have much overlap between multiple candidate intents in turn improving your bot’s accuracy

When you do the migration, it will also simplify test script generation. I will discuss this in a future post.

The BotFlo app gives you many tools which can speed up your Dialogflow bot development

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- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth
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