The fastest way to build a Dialogflow ES FAQ bot

If you are not a programmer, the following tips will help you build your Dialogflow ES FAQ chatbot quickly.

Learn the basics

If you don’t learn the building blocks of Dialogflow, you might end up re-inventing the NLU wheel. Instead, just spend some time learning the basics.

Learn the must know features

I have created a list here.

Learn about the agent ZIP file

Dialogflow provides a feature where you can export and import the agent ZIP file. This has a major benefit – you can automatically generate a Dialogflow ES FAQ chatbot by typing out all the intents in a spreadsheet app like Excel or Google Sheets.

Use tools

The FAQ bot generator tool is one example, but there are other tools which can help speed up your bot’s development. Check out the BotFlo app for more information.


So this is (in my obviously very biased opinion) the fastest way to build your Dialogflow ES bot:

a) buy the Learn Dialogflow ES course bundle

b) it automatically includes 3 months access to the BotFlo app

c) Free Email Consultation (bonus offer for non-programmers) – send me an email (reply to the purchase confirmation email from step 1) with more details about the bot you are building. I will send you a detailed email response with tips and suggestion on how to use the course bundle and BotFlo app for building your chatbot

How does this help?

In my experience, many of my clients often over-complicate their bot development. They can usually speed up their bot development by at least 2x just by keeping things simple. My courses, tools and email can help you build your bot without overcomplicating things.