Dialogflow Strategy and Roadmapping Service

Some time back I received an email from a frustrated reader:

There are a lot of blackholes in DLF where you just do not understand why it is not working and working somewhere else. Which is why your materials are so valuable.

This is a challenge many of my clients face. Having coached many clients across different industry verticals, I have seen a good number of these blackholes and can help you avoid costly mistakes as you build out your chatbot.

If you are facing similar challenges, my Strategy Service can help.

What’s included in the Strategy Service

Here is what is included in the Strategy service:

3 hours of 1-on-1 Skype coaching

You get 180 minutes of 1-on-1 Skype consultation, and you can divide these up into multiple 30 minute and 1 hour calls based on your convenience.

You will be using my online calendar software (Acuity Scheduling) to book appointments

When you book the Strategy service, you will receive a certificate code.

You will use the certificate code to book the actual appointment, and my online calendar software will automatically keep track of total minutes used.

Access to all my courses

You will need to register (for free) on my course website here.

Once you do that, I will enroll you into the Dialogflow Toolkit. The Dialogflow Toolkit is a course bundle which includes all my courses. All future courses will also be added into the Toolkit course bundle at no extra cost to you.

Tools included in the Dialogflow Toolkit

The Toolkit bundle also includes some tools which can speed up the workflow of people building Dialogflow chatbots.

Dialogflow CSV Importer

You also get access to the Dialogflow CSV Importer, which is a tool which can help you create an FAQ style chatbot by specifying the intents in a CSV format. If you have ever worked on Dialogflow FAQ agents with many intents, you know how slow the interface can be when you are doing this task.

With the Dialogflow CSV Importer, you will be able to click a button and generate the agent ZIP file, which you can then import into Dialogflow.

Dialogflow Navigator

The Dialogflow Toolkit also includes the Dialogflow Navigator app, which allows you to quickly search for keywords across all your intents, and filter intents by contexts. As of April 2019, these features are not natively available in Dialogflow’s web interface.

Beta access to Dialogflow automation tools

I am also working on some web based tools which help clients automate different aspects of their bot creation and bot development workflow. People who purchase the Dialogflow Toolkit after March 1 2019 will automatically get access to the software tools for free while the tools stay in beta.

Strategy Service Price: $699 (3 hour package)

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After you book the strategy service, I will send you an email within a business day with more information – links to my online calendar, and how to get access to the courses and apps etc.

Note: I request my strategy service clients to utilize the service within a reasonable timeframe (2 months from date of booking) so I can make plans for breaks away from work.

Before you book the service

Please get in touch with an overview of what you are trying to accomplish. That is, don’t bring in your idea without any context to the first Skype call (because you might want to keep it as a stealth project perhaps) only to discover that Dialogflow/other bot frameworks are not capable enough to do what you are trying to do yet.

Sometimes I tell folks not to approach me with certain projects because I know they cannot be accomplished in Dialogflow or will require so much effort that you might end up building a mini-Dialogflow yourself.

And any information you send me via my contact forms will be treated as completely confidential, in case you are concerned about it.


“I have got huge value out of this service, and will be buying it again as I run down my balance of hours. Aravind is the most knowledgeable Dialogflow resource I know, and has never failed to give great advice on how we can achieve our goals. Aravind is both knowledgeable about Dialogflow, and an accomplished programmer. This gives him an incredibly useful perspective and helps us to get to solutions quickly. [The service is] Very timely, very up to date on changes. Dialogflow is changing quickly so it is great to have a resource who is this close to what’s going on. I already have recommended Mining Business Data and Aravind to a number of friends & colleagues. Keep it up! ” – Hugh S, Startup CEO