Limitations of the GPT Demo

The GPT demo has the following limitations

  • it cannot answer questions which don’t have a corresponding article on this website. It does not work like a search engine
  • it cannot answer questions which are outside of the Dialogflow related articles on this website (e.g. it will not answer “What is BotFlo?”)
  • it cannot do Small Talk. I can add it if I want, but I want to keep it focused on a specific topic
  • it cannot output code samples. While ChatGPT is often used to help generate code samples, the GPT demo is an FAQ bot which provides an article summary followed by a link to the article
  • it can only understand English questions. Creating a chatbot which can handle multiple languages simultaneously is too hard and is not a good match if you are creating Dialogflow bots

About this website

BotFlo1 was created by Aravind Mohanoor as a website which provided training and tools for non-programmers who were2 building Dialogflow chatbots.

This website has now expanded into other topics in Natural Language Processing, including the recent Large Language Models (GPT etc.) with a special focus on helping non-programmers identify and use the right tool for their specific NLP task.

1 BotFlo was previously called MiningBusinessData. That is why you see that name in many videos

2 And still are building Dialogflow chatbots. Dialogflow ES first evolved into Dialogflow CX, and Dialogflow CX itself evolved to add Generative AI features in mid-2023