Search Across your Dialogflow agent

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You can search for intents by name inside Dialogflow ES, and once you are inside a specific intent, you can also search by keyword to find specific training phrases. As of this writing, there isn’t a way to search for key words across your entire Dialogflow agent. 

BotFlo can help you with this. 

1 If you haven’t already done so, first log in to BotFlo.

2 Select “Search Across your agent ZIP file” from the menu

3 Download your Dialogflow agent ZIP file from your Dialogflow web console

4 Click on the “Browse..” button and select the agent ZIP file you downloaded

5 Click on the Upload File button

6 You will now see a preview of the contents of your Dialogflow agent rendered as a table

7 Use the Search box to do simple keyword matching searches. The results of the search are displayed as you type, there is no need to press the Enter key. When you delete the search string from the Search box, the full table is displayed again.

8 Use the Custom Search Builder to issue complex searches. The Custom Search Builder interface becomes visible when you click on the “Add Condition” button, and disappears when you click on the “Clear All” button. When you click on the “Clear All”, you are not doing any filtering and so the full table will be rendered again.