How to Import/restore agent ZIP file into Dialogflow

Dialogflow allows you to import an agent ZIP file. In fact, that is the main feature which allows an app such as BotFlo possible. 

To import an agent ZIP file into Dialogflow, click on the Gear icon next to the name of your bot. 

Now click on the Export and Import tab.

In the Export and Import tab, choose RESTORE ZIP option. 

Difference between Restore and Import

When you choose “Restore from Zip”, the entire agent will be completely overwritten. This is the recommended option for BotFlo, simply because you will start with a blank slate. 

When you choose “Import from Zip”, only the new intents and entities will be overwritten. Since the Import from ZIP involves remembering the exact state of the agent, I recommend using Restore agent instead (unless you are very certain of exactly what will be overwritten).