Convert 4 Column CSV file to Dialogflow agent ZIP file

Link to tool

1 If you haven’t already done so, first log in to BotFlo.

2 From the menu, select FAQ Bots > Text Only > Basic (4 Column)

3 Select the bot’s language

4 Select the bot’s timezone

5 Browse and select the CSV file from your local computer

6 Upload the CSV file using the Upload File button

7 Once you upload your file, you will see a new page which will display a Convert button if your input CSV is in the correct format

8 You will also see a preview of the CSV file contents on that page. If you are satisfied with the preview, click Convert to convert the file to agent ZIP file. 

9 Once you click the Convert button, you will be prompted to save the agent ZIP file to your local computer. 

You can use this agent ZIP file in the Restore ZIP feature in Dialogflow and you will have your Dialogflow FAQ agent!