Audit your Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file and improve its accuracy

If you are building a bot with multiple conversation turns, it is possible you might forget to keep track of the input and output contexts etc. and make some small errors.

This is turn can affect the accuracy of your bot.

The Audit tool can help you spot these errors automatically.

Using the tool is very simple

Upload the agent ZIP file

Once you click on the Upload File button the tool will review your agent ZIP file and report all the issues it finds.

Check for all the intents which have the Status column set as a red cross mark. These are the rows which have been flagged so you can take a closer look.

In this example below, the intent book.a.flight has been flagged since it uses required parameters (slot filling).

Note: Just because the tool flags some issue does not necessarily mean it is a bug. In some cases, you might have intentionally set up your bot in that way.

But as a general rule, these issues will reduce the accuracy of your Dialogflow ES chatbot and you should avoid them.