I am migrating my course platform

I am migrating my online courses from Teachable to LearnDash.

In other words, my courses can now be accessed directly from https://botflo.com instead of https://courses.botflo.com

Everyone who has already purchased a course will be grandfathered in at no extra charge until 31st Jan 2023. If you migrate after that, I will charge a Migration Fee of $10 per course. 

How to migrate your courses

There are only two steps for the migration.

1 Create an account on my new course platform by registering for this course.

2 You would have received a Purchase Confirmation email when you bought my course on Teachable. Reply back to that email – it comes straight to my inbox – and mention

a) the name of the course(s) you purchased

b) the email address you used for registration (it can be different from the one you used on the previous website)

I will manually enroll you into the course within one business day.


If you fill in the survey below I will send you an 80% off coupon for the course of your choice. Only one coupon per country – the country should match the country in the billing address. This helps me test if my new shopping cart plugin works in each country.

As people use up the coupons, I will remove the country names from the list.