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How to import and export a blob file in Dialogflow CX

You can share your Dialogflow CX agent with others by exporting it as a blob (zip) file. They can then import the same .blob file into their Dialogflow CX console and get a copy of your CX agent.

Go to your Dialogflow CX console and choose a project.

Click on the ellipsis (three vertical dots) next to the project of your choice


In your filesystem, the file will appear as exported_agent_<botname>.blob

Now suppose you share this .blob file with someone else. They can use the Restore function to copy the CX bot into their Dialogflow account. (Obviously I am using the same account in this example)

The popup dialog gives you a warning that the agent will be completely overwritten.

There is no equivalent to the “Import Agent” which you see in Dialogflow ES.

Select the .blob file from your local filesystem.

Once you select the blob file, click on the Restore button

Once the restore completes, you will be taken to the home screen of the agent.

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