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When you purchase this bundle you will get access to the following courses:

Dialogflow ES Quickstart Templates

Dialogflow CX Quickstart Templates

Dialogflow Messenger Bots

How to get access to the courses

Please read this section carefully before making the payment

As you can see, the payment link goes to an external website (Gumroad) to complete the payment. Because of some restrictions within the plugin I use plus PayPal restrictions in India, I need to manually enroll students into the Course Bundle.

1 Before you make the payment, first go to this course and enroll for free. If that step does not work, don’t make the payment. Instead, get in touch via my contact form and I will send you further instructions. Until you complete this step, there is no way for me to enroll you into the course bundle.

2 Once you register, make the payment using the link above.

After you complete the payment, you will get an email confirmation.

3 Reply back to the confirmation email, and mention which email you used for step 1. Your email reply comes directly to my inbox.

4 I will enroll you into the course bundle within 1 business day, often much quicker than that.

Please note: the links below are autogenerated (so I cannot remove them) and they will become clickable only after you are enrolled in this bundle.

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