Free consultation

I am trying something a little new just to see if it works.

For now, I am planning to run this experiment until end of March 2021.

If you have a quick question about Dialogflow, you can log in to my BotFlo app and ask via the live chat widget.

Log in to BotFlo and send me your question

If I am online (in the chat software), I will just answer your question right away.

If I am not online, I will take the time and provide a response via email.

Obviously, if this is clearly a homework question, or you are looking for someone to write some code for you for free, I will just ignore your message. 🙂

If your question is serious and especially if it is about whether or not Dialogflow is a good choice for your project, I would be happy to assist.

What’s in it for Aravind?

Yes, I am referring to myself in the third person. I just didn’t want the sentence to be confusing 🙂

Well, for one thing I introduce you to my BotFlo app, so it becomes something of a simple way to promote it. I am hoping that other than asking me a question, you also take some time and see how things work inside the BotFlo app.

Another reason is that I personally get to learn about new questions from people who read my website, which is certainly very helpful for me to learn new things about Dialogflow.

Last but not least, I get to hear about some very cool new apps/projects etc from people who leave me these messages. It is very helpful to keep on top of new developments.