Course Discounts

I am migrating my courses from Teachable to LearnDash.

This means all my courses which used to be on the URL will now be moved to


There are two main reasons why I am moving my courses over to my own website.

First, it keeps everything in one place and lets me focus on a single website.

Second, there is now a Search box on my website which can search through ALL my lessons, including the text in the lesson (if any), the title of the video, and course name etc. This is not possible on Teachable.

The actual layout is similar, so from the student perspective, there will not be much difference.


While I am in the process of migrating my courses, you can get a substantial discount on individual courses. The obvious catch is that you don’t immediately get to access the course material. Once I completely migrate a course, I will increase the price to match the one on Teachable.