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Dialogflow CX now has a free trial

Website Name Change

I have changed the name of this website from Mining Business Data to BotFlo. I am offering a 60% off discount on both my Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX courses till April 20th 2021 for people who can help me spread the word about my new website.

There have been a few important developments in Dialogflow CX in the past couple of weeks. The most important one is probably the free trial.

Dialogflow CX Free Trial announcement

Generally speaking, you can keep track of these announcements by following the Dialogflow release notes.

Unfortunately, the release notes doesn’t include ALL the important information. For example, they forgot to add an announcement about the free trial for Dialogflow CX, which is obviously an important “feature” if they wish to drive more adoption. But then again, I am not sure if that qualifies as something which should go into the Release Notes either. I just wish there was a centralized place to be notified of all this information. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dialogflow release notes

Dialogflow CX now has a free trial

As expected, Dialogflow CX has now introduced a free trial. I guess it was announced in the last 2 weeks or so. This was probably inevitable (I wrote about it here).

In fact, my opinion is that it was even preventing people from creating learning resources.

For example, see how many Dialogflow CX tutorials are out there which don’t actually allow you to interact with a real bot. Including my mini-course which explains how to integrate Dialogflow CX into your website 🙂

Hopefully, this helps drive more adoption of the CX framework, which I think holds a lot of promise.

Test case feature has been launched

While the test case feature was already available before, it has been “officially” launched now I suppose 🙂

This fills another important hole in Dialogflow ES, which didn’t have support for test cases.

Dialogflow Messenger integration is now available

This is another important feature, because you cannot really do much without built-in integrations. It was one of my major complaints in my first review of Dialogflow CX.

It would have been better if the Dialogflow team figured out a way to add Dialogflow Messenger responses statically. For now, you need to still use custom payloads to define these responses.

Agent validation is now available

This is an interesting feature, and I look forward to exploring it in CX. My personal view is that at least in Dialogflow ES, it wasn’t super helpful. Given how the “scope” is defined in Dialogflow CX, I am very curious to see how well agent validation can warn us of potential conflicts between similar intents.

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