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Dialogflow CX Missing Features

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This article is intended to be a (reasonably) up-to-date list of features which are available in Dialogflow ES directly or easily via third party integrations, and which aren’t yet available in Dialogflow CX.

Since Dialogflow CX is being improved continuously, I expect to slowly see many if not all of these items removed from this article over time. If and when that happens, I will keep striking out the old information and add a small note on what changed.

While I will do my best to keep this exhaustive, there are clearly some features in ES almost no one uses. So I might not know if that feature went away in CX. If you know of such a feature, please leave a comment below the article and I will add it to this list.

Also, the list isn’t in any particular order.


There is no way to see what messages people sent to your CX bot yet. This is one of the main reasons I removed the Dialogflow Messenger + Dialogflow CX integration from my BotFlo app.


You could use the Training feature to improve your agent by adding missed training phrases into the appropriate intents. This feature isn’t available in Dialogflow CX.


Now, to be clear, contexts aren’t included in CX because it looks like CX has been rewritten from the ground up to avoid the issues which were caused by contexts. 🙂

But it is still important to know that you don’t have input and output contexts in CX. If you are trying to migrate a complex bot from ES to CX, you now need to understand how you are using contexts in your ES bot, and how to translate it into equivalent states (i.e. pages) in CX.

1 click integrations

At the moment, Dialogflow Messenger and Telephony are available as 1-click built in integrations in Dialogflow CX. The rest (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc) are not available as built in integrations at this date.

Dialogflow Messenger chat prompt unavailable

In Dialogflow ES, you can add an event to an intent and use it as a way to display a chat prompt near your chat widget. Under the hood, this works by invoking the event during the detectIntent API call. It looks like this is not yet implemented in the Dialogflow CX integration.

Agent ZIP File

I watched a video where one of the Dialogflow developer advocates hinted that they are completely doing away with the notion of the agent ZIP file in this version. (Note: I don’t know if they actually are, and unfortunately I cannot find that video).

While there is the concept of a “blob” in CX which you can download and upload, the big difference is that there is no programmatic way to construct this blob easily. This means it is much harder to build tools which can auto-generate Dialogflow bots without using REST API calls.

Knowledge Connectors

As of this writing, Dialogflow CX doesn’t support knowledge connectors. (pros and cons of using Knowledge Connectors).

Mega Agent

CX doesn’t support mega agents, but in some ways, it is actually a replacement of the kinds of things you can do with mega agents. Except it has been built in a systematic way from the ground up using much more sensible primitives (what are primitives?)

Extending system entities

If you wanted to capture names which cannot be understood by Dialogflow’s system entities, you can extend the name entity to add specific names. This isn’t yet available in CX.

The recently released Zoho SalesIQ v2 allows non-programmers to build chatbots using an easy-to-use code less bot builder. What is really unique about Zoho SalesIQ is the fact that you can also integrate AI into their code less bot builder. In my Zoho SalesIQ chatbots course, I explain how to use Zoho SalesIQ to add a chatbot to your website.

"The magic key I needed as a non-programmer"

The custom payload generator was the magic key I needed (as a non-programmer) to build a good demo with rich responses in DialogFlow Messenger. I've only used it for 30 minutes and am thrilled. I've spent hours trying to figure out some of the intricacies of DialogFlow on my own. Over and over, I kept coming back to Aravind's tutorials available on-line. I trust the other functionalities I learn to use in the app will save me additional time and heartburn.

- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth

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