Step by Step Dialogflow

“Side bar ā€“ your tutorial is the first I came across that has taken a functional approach to explain concepts. thank you.”


This is a step by step guide to Dialogflow ES.

When learning Dialogflow, you will find that it is much easier if you first go in a particular sequence:

  • Intents
  • Entities
  • Contexts
  • Webhooks

We will be building a PlanetsBot. What can the PlanetsBot do?

It can answer questions about planets, naturally!

Notice that in the first response, the bot is able to understand that we are asking for a specific attribute (volume) of a planet (Mars). And then in the second response, it understands that “its” refers to the planet Mars.

The answer that you see (e.g. “163 billion cubic kms”) is coming from a database. In other words, it is dynamic, and you can change the answer by updating the data in the database.