Adding multiple training phrases per intent

Now, the simple 2 Column CSV format is not sufficient. For example,

  • how can you handle multiple user says (training) phrases per intent?
  • what if you want to add multiple text responses?
  • what should be used as the intent’s name?

Suppose we create the following CSV column structure to accommodate the points from the previous section. You have an intent ID, followed by intent name, followed by userSays phrase, and the final column will be your text response.

For example, this is what the CSV format would look like. All rows must have an intentID to identify the intent. Notice that you can have multiple queries (training phrases) and multiple responses per intent.

How to convert the 4 Column CSV file into a Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file with the click of a button

September 22, 2022

I got a huge reduction in time, Botflo allows me to send a CSV to our clients and import all these intents and responses in one go. (I liked) the simplicity, I pick a csv, upload this, then all intents are automatically created. I cannot believe how much time this upload tool saves me.

Sebastian C | Customer Success Manager, Talkative