How to customize LearnDash using Code Snippets

You can customize LearnDash using hooks (actions and filters), and in my opinion the easiest way to do that is to use the Code Snippets plugin.

Install the Code Snippets plugin

Add a Code Snippet

Select Custom Code snippet

In the code editor window, choose PHP script

You will also need to choose other options – do you want to run it everywhere, or turn it into a shortcode and run it only when you want to invoke it etc.

You can read about all these options by downloading the plugin and then taking a look at the documentation.

About this website

BotFlo1 was created by Aravind Mohanoor as a website which provided training and tools for non-programmers who were2 building Dialogflow chatbots.

This website has now expanded into other topics in Natural Language Processing, including the recent Large Language Models (GPT etc.) with a special focus on helping non-programmers identify and use the right tool for their specific NLP task. 

For example, when not to use GPT

1 BotFlo was previously called MiningBusinessData. That is why you see that name in many videos

2 And still are building Dialogflow chatbots. Dialogflow ES first evolved into Dialogflow CX, and Dialogflow CX itself evolved to add Generative AI features in mid-2023