Recommended website hosting for LearnDash courses

Given that LearnDash is quite resource intensive, in my view the best website hosting for LearnDash is the Business Plan, as long as you find it affordable. Since I reside in India, I get a more affordable price which is actually very competitive with the competent alternatives.

Custom Plugins are allowed

The first thing you should know about the Business Plan is that you can install plugins.

This is a requirement to even use LearnDash in the first place, so I am not going to elaborate why this is important.

One click restore from backup

This is probably my favorite feature of the Business Plan.

The Business Plan allows you access to Jetpack VaultPress, which is WordPress’s popular backup service.

It takes a backup of every change you make to your site.

So you can choose any point in time, and restore your entire WordPress website back to that point.

Great support via Live Chat

The business plan also includes Live Chat support right inside the Admin interface.

I have interacted with their tech support via Live Chat, and as a programmer, I can tell you that they are very good at their job. My issues were usually resolved within minutes.

As you can see I have done quite a lot of customizations on my website, which means I have installed a lot of plugins. So the tech support folks are not dealing with a super simple website either.

If you are going to create a somewhat complex WordPress website, you will definitely appreciate the excellent live chat support.