Best video hosting for LearnDash courses

This is probably one of the easier decisions you will make if you want to create video courses on LearnDash.

The best video hosting for LearnDash is and I am not sure there is a very good second best at the moment 🙂

For one, it is much less expensive than the other providers.

Second, the video player works really well. For example, I tried to use Zoho WorkDrive (to be fair, it is NOT intended to be a video streaming service) for my videos, and it is very slow and also the video player is quite unreliable.

Third, they have all the standard features that you expect, and the admin interface for managing videos is very easy to use.

Fourth, they are now adding some interesting features based on autogenerated video transcripts.

I will also talk about autogenerated transcripts in a future lesson, but the field of Machine Learning for speech-to-text has improved tremendously in recent years, making it possible to produce the kinds of features they are talking about with pretty good results.