Best Accordion Menu Plugin for LearnDash

In my opinion, if you are selling LearnDash courses, an Accordion Menu plugin can immensely improve the navigability of your website, especially if you can combine it with a theme which complements it.

In my opinion, the best Accordion Menu plugin for LearnDash is WPB Accordion or Category Pro

This plugin offers a lifetime license, which is quite unusual for software nowadays.

First of all, when a user is looking at a single course page, you can configure it to show not just other courses, but also place all the courses in the context of the overall taxonomy of your website.

For example, when someone is looking at the Course page for my Dialogflow CX Beginner tutorial, they will see that it is within the “Learn Dialogflow CX” and also see other courses under the same topic, as well as all the other top-level categories all at once.

In other words, it looks like a “Menu breadcrumb” to the visitor and allows them to navigate up the menu easily.

And you can get this dynamic navigation by just simply creating a menu as you would normally do, and using the Accordion Menu Pro widget in your theme’s sidebar to display it.