Why ES First

(Autogenerated transcript)

 So, recently someone asked on my YouTube channel to make a tutorial about parameters in Dialogflow CX and they also mentioned that it is really confusing compared to Dialogflow ES and of course this comment is very true but one of the things that I also feel lot of people are missing is that Dialogflow CX is sort of an improvement over ES and not only that it is meant to be used at least in my opinion only in the situations where ES is not sufficient for your bot and I will actually say that there is a lot of stuff you can do with just ES in fact I have created a lot of material in my courses which will help you to do that and I also think it is much easier to learn CX if you learn the Dialogflow ES bots first that is if you learn how to build you know reasonably complex conversations even using

 Dialogflow ES and the reason for that is because it will show you really what is missing you know it is like CX sort of starts where ES ends in my view and if you never understood the limitations of why it was hard to create these more complex conversations in ES then getting jumping right into CX will actually be of course this is my personal opinion but I actually think that you are likely to waste a lot of time now I can imagine given that I have already created a lot of training material for ES there will be some people who will say that yeah you know this seems to be this seems to be a little self-serving because of course you will say that I mean that is I do not know what else to say except that you can give it a shot and see how it goes because for example the perfect example for me is slot filling which of course we will we will come to that later in this course because slot filling the way it was done in ES caused so many issues that I quite literally

 recommended people not to use it and I have not changed my opinion on that till now I have not had a good reason to do that and if you've understood the case I made for not using slot filling in ES it will actually be much easier for you to see what is going on not only with slot filling but even with the parameters as they have been declared or as they have been designed in Dialogflow CX because you will see that a lot of things which are designed in CX are meant to do a better job of capturing user information through the whole conversation and also preserving and maintaining that information while at the same time allowing the user to go off track and these are all the kind of things which

 were very difficult to do in ES and what Dialogflow team has done and I think till now I think it's a really good job what they have done is that they have created sort of from the ground up they have created a new framework for handling precisely these kind of situations which is also why I don't think that you should use CX until your bot reaches a certain level of complexity. So with all that said I'm going to more or less you know assume here that you are already familiar with a lot of my ES material and if you are not you are willing to go back and learn that stuff from those older courses and older material and that's how we are going to go forward in this course I'll take a lot of examples which is based on what I've already built for my ES bots previously and I'm not going to explain how those things work I'm going to expect you to go back and learn that from the material which is already there and this course is going to move forward sort of from where those ES bot course left off.