Set up the bot

(Autogenerated transcript)

 I'm going to show you how you can integrate Zoho Sales IQ with Dialogflow CX. Now I wanted to show this as a code demo, but I've not been able to set it up properly on my computer. Even though the code works separately and all that, the screen recording software is set up on a different user profile and I'm not able to get the code and the screen recording going at the same time. So unfortunately this is going to be more of a pictures based setup, but I think that you will still be able to understand what is going on and follow how I'm doing this. So what you're seeing here is an image of my, this is my setup inside the Zoho Sales IQ. You can create a new bot and then you have to choose webhook as the method by which you are going to do the integration. Once you do that, you have to select the brand and this is like a website that you're selecting. This is not very important as far as the integration is concerned, but this part is quite important.

 What I'm doing is I'm creating an ngrok based webhook, which is, it's effectively turning my laptop computer into a, it's like a web server where you can serve these requests to the webhook. This allows me to write code on my local machine and when Dialogflow, sorry, when Zoho sends a request, it actually comes to my computer and I'm able to debug the code and do things like that. So what ngrok does is it generates this sort of HTTPS URL and you can see it's in this format where it has this and it actually maps it to the local host 8080, which is to say that it maps it to my local machine at port 8080 and then because the PyCharm software uses this port where sort of it's like the default port number

 for it, it's going to forward the request coming to this URL to this port and that's going to call the code which is running on my computer. So this is the ngrok setup is how I can do the local development and then I take the URL which is provided in this step that you can see over here and I have to paste it into the URL to be invoked, which will be the next step in the Zoho SalesIQ console and then you click on the create bot and what I have here is actually sort of the final output where I have interacted with the bot and I got a response back when I said hello, it's actually calling my Dialogflow CX agent and it comes back with control asking me to enter my name and I am going to show you how you can do this in the next few lessons but the important thing that you notice is that this is inside the live chat widget. Actually this is inside the preview you have in Zoho SalesIQ but this is what it looked

 like inside the live chat widget and when the user says, let's say they say hello, I have to send a response from my Dialogflow CX bot in such a way that it is going to ask the user for their name. So that's exactly what is happening here. The fact that this showed up inside the SalesIQ widget shows that the code itself has been integrated and it works as expected and I will go through all that stuff in the next few lessons.